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Practice Health Atlas Project

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The AH&MRC is pleased to offer AH&MRC member Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services access to the “Practice Health Atlas” through the AH&MRC CQI Program.

What is the Practice Health Atlas?
The Practice Health Atlas provides a profile of your health service based on information about local populations and health from the census and other sources, and health and Medicare information from your service’s information systems. The Practice Health Atlas was developed by the Adelaide Western General Practice Network (now Healthfirst Network) as a tool to support health service planning and development.

How can you use the Practice Health Atlas?
The Practice Health Atlas report can be used by ACCHSs to:

        • Identify needs and trends
        • Plan health care services and workforce
        • Improve data quality
        • Identify revenue opportunities

What is the process?

                • After an ACCHS has identified interest in the Practice Health Atlas, the AH&MRC CQI Program Team will make contact to provide information and ask questions.  If an ACCHS decides to proceed, a Registration and Data agreement will be signed.
                • The AH&MRC CQI Program Team will the visit the ACCHS and collect de-identified data in accordance with the Agreement.
                • In conjunction with Healthfirst Network, the AH&MRC will analyse and synthesize the ACCHS data together with data from other sources to produce a Practice Health Atlas report for the ACCHS, and a summary that identifies potential opportunities for the ACCHS to use the data to improve care and services.
                • The AH&MRC CQI Program will then organise a workshop at the ACCHS to present the Practice Health Atlas, and assist with developing plans to improve the quality of care and services.

Contact Details:

For more information or to express interest in the Practice Health Atlas for your ACCHS please email: