continuous quality improvement

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The Aboriginal Health & Medical Research Council of New South Wales (AH&MRC) is the peak representative body and voice of Aboriginal communities on health in NSW. We represent our members, the Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services (ACCHS) that deliver culturally appropriate comprehensive primary health care to their communities.

The AH&MRC Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) program uses a bottom-up and strength-based approach to support our members with their quality improvement activities. The program is funded by NSW Health and aims to:

      • Build ACCHSs infrastructure, skills, good practice and effective systems for data collection management and use
      • Support ACCHSs to build sustainable and effective continuous quality improvement systems
      • Document, promote and share models of good practice in data management and clinical quality improvement in an Aboriginal primary healthcare context

Website Artwork: The Cycle of Life 

Steve Morgan is a Kamiloroi man from Walgett, North South Wales. Steve is an emerging artist now living in Sydney. His passions include music, art and being around the mob.

Cycle No.1
The Cycle of Life No.1 The center piece shows the mob as central to all. The outer circles represent continuity and the cycle of life. The pathways represent growth and support for the collective.
Cycle No. 2
The Cycle of Life No.2 The seed pod in the center represents birth; the fire surrounding the pod represents regrowth. Planting and nurturing the seeds signifies continually working with our mob to strengthen and unify us.
Cycle No.3
Cycle of Life No.3 The four corners represent the four seasons. Each season has a specific role in the growth cycle. The circle in the center depicts a seed that is affected by the four seasons. The community is always present and needs to be nurtured and strengthened throughout the four seasons.
Cycle No.4
Cycle of Life No.4 The community is the center. The seed in now a blossoming tree. Through the nourishing of the seed pod, the community reaps the benefit. Fire, warmth, nourishment and shelter-they all have a place in keeping us strong.